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Love your dog and want them to have a healthy and happy life? We have the solution!

Welcome to our Homemade Dog Food Service, where we believe that every bark deserves a bowl filled with love and nutrition. Our service is dedicated to providing your canine companion with wholesome, home-cooked meals crafted with care and passion.

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We make your pet’s health and happiness our top priority. At Genie Pet Meal, we believe that every dog deserves the best nutrition for a vibrant and joyful life, and we’ve made it our mission to provide healthy, nutritious dog food at an affordable price.

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Pets (and their owners) love us!


Appreciate the good food and service! I am happy.”


Erica was never eating well. Now she is happy and loves her food! Thanks to Sudhir for referring me to the food.!”


Amazing! Just superb.. I am so relieved cause I used to worry so much about my Lab’s hip dysplasia and her weight loss. Em relaxed now cause the best food reaches me. Hat’s off to the team..”

Vinutha K.

It is great to see my pooch eat up the whole plate and keep licking even after it is finished! 🙂 🙂 It has been eight months and Ricky loves it even to this day! Thanks for everything! Kudos to the team! 🙂.”


Broody was never eating well. We have tried different options & brands but he just ate them only if he was hungry. He left a lot in the bowl. We also tried the hand feed option but failed. We met Samarth and all changed :)) He gave us the food that Broody loves. He is very excited to have his lunch and dinner. His daily routine is more active than before. Thanks to the great food and service 🙂“.


“The quality of food is really good. My dog loves it…..”

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